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The New Captain America Finally Responds To All The Fan Hate

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In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers' personal pick to be the successor to the Captain America name, chooses to forgo the honor and donate the shield to the U.S. government. The first episode of the Disney+ series culminates in a gut-wrenching revelation in its very last moments: The government debuts a brand-new Captain America just days after Sam gives up the shield. It's here where we're introduced to John Walker, the new Captain America.

Of course, once this new version of Cap was revealed, Marvel fans didn't hesitate to share their thoughts on him. Reactions ranged from slightly positive to downright negative in nature. One Reddit user said this to describe the way Walker makes them feel:

"The Germans have a word called 'Backpfeifengesicht,' which translates to 'a face that needs punching.' It doesn't matter whether the person is bad or not, but their face is very punchable. John has that kind of face."

You can't expect fans to warm up to a new Captain America immediately, especially when it seems like he's taking the mantle from under the nose of its rightful owner. But in spite of the hate surrounding his new character, Wyatt Russell is keeping his spirits up. In a recent interview with Variety, the actor responded to fans' hatred of John Walker.

Watch this video for more on how the new Captain America finally responded to all the fan hate!

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