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Taehyung FF | His Private Doctor : Ep 1

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Synopsis :
Kim Taehyung and Seo Y/n used to study in the same college.

Kim Taehyung is CEO of a big company. He is a cold person and rarely smile with people after his ex girlfriend, irene left him for another guy. But when Y/n work as his private doctor, he can smile again. Everytime she was around him, his heart flutters. He likes Y/n, but he can't say it. His ego stopped him.

Seo Y/n, Kim Taehyung's private doctor for almost 2 years. She is a heartwarming person and an orphan. She has liked Taehyung but changed after she knew he had a girlfriend in college.

One day, Taehyung's mom wants them to get married. They two agreed but with 1-year-contract. At first, Taehyung don't want to agree the contract but he don't have any choices. After they got married, crisis was coming to them when irene knew about they two.

What will happen to their marriage? Will they be happy?

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