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Smash Ultimate Patch 8.0.0 - Side by Side Comparison

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Version 8.0.0 brought us Min Min from ARMS, a new stage and tons of balance changes to Mewtwo, Falco, Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, Ike, Bayonetta and more! Here are all the patch notes!

Patch Notes: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/49877

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We are a team of three passionate Smash Ultimate players and Nintendo fans. Our goal is to educate you with tutorials about the game’s advanced techniques, and entertain you with combo videos and other discussions.
In our Smash Review series we react to clips you guys send us and try to recreate any weird glitches or techniques to learn more about the game. In our Questionable Beef series we play against each other in whatever crazy challenge we can come up with.

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