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Ninja Foodi 101 How to Steam Broccoli

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Wanted to do some Ninja Foodi 101 videos. What I mean is lets use all the functions on the Ninja Foodi and lets start with the basics. Some people are very nervous to open and use the Ninja Foodi well lets start using it. You can start with steaming vegetables, its pretty much the same when you do it on the stove top. You have a pan, place water in pan then steamer basket add vegetables, place a cover on and this is the only difference is that you place the pressure lid on and set it to vent. Most important step is that is has to be set to vent or your vegetables will be mush. The Ninja Foodi will have turned them to mush pressure cooking them.
I hope this helps people use their steam function on the Ninja Foodi. I will be doing more Ninja Foodi 101 videos and if anyone has requests for a recipe or function on the Ninja Foodi leave a comment below. Tell me what you think.
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