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MiSty (India's First Commercial Microwave with Steam technology) quick demo

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Product Name
(MiSty) High Steam Microwave Oven

MiSty (High steam microwave) oven addresses one of the biggest challenges in a microwave segment i.e. losing the moisture. While microwaved food tends to dry out easily as the moisture within the food is
heated and evaporates out, a high steam microwave oven continually adds extra moisture often at varying levels depending on the food you’re cooking

 Cooks frozen/chilled food very quickly without losing the moisture
 Can be used for multiple cooking options combining with microwave
 Automatically Time and temperature controlled for varied SKUs
 Can be used in the kitchen structures from large cloud kitchens to single outlets for their varied requirements especially on the frozen food segment

Machine Specifications
Capacity 34L
Dimensions 595*525*454mm
Net Wt. ~33 Kgs
Rated Voltage 230 240V~50Hz

Why this machine is unique
Most of the microwaves used by the commercial kitchens take 6 7 mins to cook any frozen/chilled food while losing its moisture. Moisture adds freshness to the food. Therefore, the latest high steam microwave solves this problem and takes only half of the time (3 4 m ins) in
regeneration without loosing its moisture due to high steam used by the machine.

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