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Marvel's Avengers - Avengers Funny Moments

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Marvel's Avengers - Avengers Funny Moments

In this new video from Marvel's Avengers you can see some funny moments that are obtained by talking with the various Avengers on the Chimera.

In this Marvel's Avengers funny moments video you can see numerous funny dialogues between the avengers, the dialogues that are obtained are often short and never complete, I tried to complete the possible dialogues and to order them but the main part is still in the order in which them i unlocked.

The marvel avengers game funny moments mainly contains jokes between Thor, Iron Man and Kamala Khan who are the funniest characters in the game. The video also features some jokes between Bruce Banner and Thor regarding the Hulk and some lines of dialogue with Black Widow and Captain America.

Obviously this marvel's avengers game funny moments video does not contain all the dialogues present in the game, but only some of those that I have unlocked so far, it is possible in fact that there are hours of recording.

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