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[LIVE] 에이티즈(ATEEZ), TITLE SONG ′땡스(THANXX)′ Official STAGE (Zero : FEVER part.1)

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[LIVE] 에이티즈(ATEEZ), ′땡스(THANXX)′ STAGE (Zero : FEVER part.1)


The first title track, "THANXX," is a hip-hop-based pop genre, a response to ATEEZ (ATEEZ) to those who shout that their standards are the only answer. The Latin-style guitar line is leading the overall mood of the song, and witty lyrics are added to double the fun of listening to the song. The performance, which comes with a powerful chorus, clearly shows the charm of the rough and free-spirited ATEEZ.

The second title track, "INCEPTION," is an urban-style EDM that expresses the longing for a presence that cannot be touched as if in a dream. The narrative of the song unfolds along the emotional melody on the intense beat, which highlights the members' emotional lines that express it delicately. Moving back and forth between softness and intensity, one can feel the dreamy and dreamy boyishness of the members that had never been seen before.

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