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Instant Birthday Cake, NO BAKE and NO STEAM. Perfect Din Sa Kahit Anong Handaan. Masarap at Madali.

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Instant Birthday Cake

Need a cake immediately without a hassle? Try this simple no cook cake recipe.Yes no need to bake or steam this cake because is is a refrigerator cake or icebox cake.This cake is typically made with cream, crackers, fruits, nuts and more. You just have to simply arrange the ingredients by layer and let it set in the refrigerator.

Our classic Mango Graham Float is a best example of a refrigerator cake or icebox cake.It has cream, fruit, graham crackers and you let it set up by putting it in the refrigerator.Nowadays people are so creative that they make different kinds of refrigerator cake. Like oreo graham float,
Coffee graham float, halo-halo graham float, ube graham float, strawberry graham float, rocky road graham float, Double dutch graham float, graham de leche and more.

Refrigerator cake is very easy to make. Everybody has a fridge but not everybody has an oven. So for those people who wants a dessert that doesn't need baking and wants a painless procedure this is the answer. In fact people are selling refrigerator cake online and it is very popular because it's scrumptious, sweet and cold. Perfect for any occasion.


740ml all purpose cream, chilled overnight
390g condensed milk, chilled overnight
1 tbsp gelatin, clear and unflavored
1/8 cup very hot water
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
9-10 pcs. graham crackers
5 pcs. store bought chocolate cupcakes, cut(more if preferred)
1/3 cup mini marshmallows (more if preferred)
chocolate shavings

Condensed butter cream frosting

*Costing is in the video after taste test

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