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How the Titanic Used Steam - Steam Culture

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The system of unique boilers in the Titanic has created a large amount of high pressure steam, what happens next? Today, Brent talks about how the steam was utilized on the Titanic.

Finishing our Steam Boat series, we talk about how the Titanic used the steam generated by the 29 boilers for propulsion and electricity. With the boat being as large as it was, everything needed to be supersized to push it through the water. Watch as Brent describes how the steam was used on the Titanic.

Want to thank Hoe Ishetmogeliijk https://www.youtube.com/Hoe%20ishetmogelijk again for their incredible model of the engine system in the Titanic. Please visit their channel to see the video in action!

Also want to thank Engineering Documentary Films Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbP_z__DD8t-Y7WdcsTzc1g for their piece on the titanic. Seriously great stuff there.

Key Terms:
Titanic Engine
Titanic Steam Boiler
Tripple-Expansion Reciprocating Engines
LP Parsons' Reaction Turbine
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