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How Marvel Phase 4 Actors Got In Shape For Their Movies

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These new Marvel actors got ripped for MCU phase 4.
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Superhero movies are awesome, but they’re also easier said than done to make. Mostly because superheroes look like superheroes and actors look like, well, people. There’s a major difference between a normal human being with a normal human body, and an animated superhero who defies biological logic. These heroes are always so muscle-bound and athletic, it’s hard to capture that in real life with actual people. However, Marvel actors do their best to get as close as they possibly can.

In this video, we’ll examine the instances where an actor got into great shape to play a role in Marvel’s upcoming Phase 4. They’re primed to introduce a bunch of new characters into the MCU, which means that a bunch of new actors are going to be added into the mix. Before they can play the part, however, they have to look ready for the part. We’ll examine exactly how they got ready for these roles, what kind of regiments it took, and how much hard work and sweat was required to look like an actual superhero.

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