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GTA 5 Mission 12: 'Mr Philips' Gameplay Walkthrough No commentary by NoyanSK

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GTA 5 Mission 12: 'Mr Philips' Gameplay Walkthrough No commentary by NoyanSK

After Franklin meets Michael at his house, they each have a drink to celebrate their successful heist. While they discuss business, Dave Norton, the FIB agent who offered him witness protection then appears out of the blue and warns Michael that his involvement in the heist has alerted the FIB and may alert his former associate, Trevor Philips. Unconcerned by this, Michael brushes this aside by claiming that Trevor must be dead, before denying any involvement in the heist. Dave switches the television on to watch a news reporter interviewing the police officer Michael threatened outside the jewelry store. Michael switches the television off and again denies any involvement in the heist.

Unbeknownst to Michael, Trevor is still alive. He overhears the news report while having sex with Ashley Butler in his trailer in Sandy Shores. The police officer being interviewed mentions a phrase used by one of the robbers: "You forget a thousand things everyday, make sure this is one of them." Trevor instantly recognizes this as a phrase often used by Michael. Shocked by this, Trevor zips up his pants, grabs a beer and walks out of the trailer, encountering Lost MC leader Johnny Klebitz who is angry at Trevor for again having sex with Ashley. Trevor ignores Johnny as Wade Hebert and Ron Jakowski attempt to restrain him.

A still shocked and confused Trevor continues to walk away with Johnny walking after him expressing his anger. Trevor eventually snaps and fires several insults at Johnny, before sarcastically telling Johnny to drop his pants so that they can have sex, believing that is the reason for his anger.

An emotionally drained Johnny calms down, admitting to Trevor that he still loves Ashley. After feigning an attempt to console Johnny, Trevor grabs him by the throat and shoves him to the ground before smashing the beer bottle against his head and repeatedly stamping on it, killing him. After telling Johnny to get up before realizing he is dead, Trevor, Ron and Wade head off to Trevor's truck, leaving a tearful Ashley to cradle Johnny's body.

"Hey, hey cowboy, do you mind that I fucked your old lady! Sorry, what was that? What? No, no? You don't mind? Oh, because you're a dead man, and the only sentient part of you left is this little bit of brain in the gristle on the end of my boot? Well, thank you very much, cowboy."
―Trevor Philips, to Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons, about Johnny's death.
Knowing that the rest of the Lost will be very angry over their leader's death, Trevor decides to wipe out the local chapter of The Lost M.C. and their meth business from Blaine County, before they have a chance to exact revenge. He drives with Wade and Ron to a Lost hangout in Grapeseed where Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, and other members of the Lost are hanging about. After Trevor announces and mocks Johnny's death, the members of The Lost retreat to their trailer park to notify the rest of the gang. Trevor follows them there and brutally kills the whole gang in his psychotic rage, including Terry and Clay.

Afterwards, Trevor orders Wade to begin looking for Michael Townley, the "ghost" in Los Santos, and drives with Ron to a trailer belonging to the Aztecas leader, Ortega. After pushing Ortega's trailer into the adjacent river, Trevor can kill or spare Ortega, solidifying his new position as Blaine County's meth dealing and illegal firearms trading kingpin. Sparing Ortega will make him reappear as another thug in Trevor Philips Industries, killing him will not, and replaying the mission later on will have the game treat it as if the player spared him regardless.

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