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Game Master Took My Brother!

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There were some fun gingerbread houses on the counter today. Canyon and Az found them and wanted to build the house. That is when the Game Master came into the room and made the Gingerbread House kits disappear. Canyon and Azbury then had to work together to solve the clues on the paper to find the parts to the house. THEN, Canyon disappeared too!!! Azburty had to work fast to find out where the Game Master took Canyon!

Welcome to The TANNERITES!
We are a family of 9 (Mom, Dad, and 7 kids) who loves to experience the best of life through spontaneous adventures, being positive about life's difficulties, loving and serving others, and BEATING Cancer!

Music by: Epidemic Sound http://share.epidemicsound.com/zZSmP

For collaborations, business, and personal inquiries please email: business@tannerites.com

Game Master Took My Brother! Featuring Azbury Tannerites and Canyon Tannerites. And of course, The Game Master! Aspen directing and behind the camera!

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