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Counters and Funny Cheese! | Week 1 - Summer Smackdown Boss Rush | Marvel Contest Of Champions

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In This Video we look at various counters to the Boss Rush - Summer Smackdown Fight Week 1 .

Notes Below;

Thing –

Counters – Warlock Heavy and SP1, Slow Debuff champs (She Hulk, Red Guardian, Stealthy, Sorcerer supreme)

Dealing with buffs – Mephisto BWCV? Quake ,
Diablo -

Counters – Mystics

Havok -

Armour up champs BUT handy if you have a power control option – SP2 is easier to eavde as its 2 parts, sp1 is

Counters – Warlock with SP1 power control, Hulkbuster SP2 power control , IMIW is good

Mr Sinister - unfortunately its don’t get hit OR Hulk ragnarok

Counters – Warlock , Archangel

Nick Fury

– Don’t Get go parry and Block
- try to boost the champ to sp2 when switching over as sp1 is going to be annoying

Counters –
Mutants, omega red
Mr Sinister

Cap Marvel Movie
Counters – Mystics

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