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CHECK UP! Adley has a Doctor visit! Niko and the family play with a new water toy in the backyard

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Best Doctor Day Ever 1132

As part of our new summer morning routine, Adley and I start the day off waking up Niko bear so that we can get them to their swimming lessons. This morning is special because the kiddos both have brand new swim suits. Adley's is rainbow and covered in unicorns while Niko's has shraks all over it.

We get to swimming lessons and the kiddos do great. Adley is swimming all the way across the pool, doing the back stroke and freestyle. Niko is doing great, diving under the water and getting toys. Today he learned to hold onto the side of the pool and flip himself over. They are learning so much soooo fast!!

It's then off to a doctors appointment for Adley because it's almost her 5th birthday and we need to make sure she's growing up big and strong!! In the doctors office, Adley finds a spider. I'll be honest, I trolled the girls about it before getting rid of it. But the doctors visit went great and Adley did amazing. So we're off to the store to her a toy for a job well done, We also get some fruit while we are there because we love fruit.

Back home, Jenny finds this awesome water table kids toy that we bought two years ago for Adley to play with. We'll we forgot about it, so today, we are finally setting it up. This thing is a blast. We have so much fun with it, the whole family. Its got a pool of water, toy balls that you can launch, and a little wheel rider that if you spin super fast, it gets water everywhere!! Without warning, a water battle breaks out and it's me and Adley vs Jenny, A true dad with kids vs mom. Jenny has the hose so she drenches us but eventually Aldey gets the hose a it's time for pay back.

I'm not sure how it happened, but at some point Adley and Niko started dunking my socks in the pool and they became the most fun part of the new toy. They made up new games with my wet socks, used them as water bombs, and even used them when Adley was giving me a princess pedicure in the water.

We all get dry and read in our pj's then head downstairs for movie night. We're going to watch Ice Age, the first time seeing it for both Niko and Adley. In the middle of the movie Niko turns into a dare devil jumping off the couch onto Adley and the giant luv sack. Jenny also looses her marbles when she gets the giggles and can't stop laughing.

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