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Chairman Dan is a spin doctor: Smith

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Sky News host Chris Smith has labelled Premier Daniel Andrews "a spin doctor" for boasting about Victoria's contact-tracing system despite numerous revelations about the state's health system failing to track and trace cases and contacts.

"We keep hearing Chairman Dan talk about how excellent his Victorian contact-tracing system is," he said.

"He keeps talking it up because the world knows how inferior and faulty it's been.

"Dan has been shown up again because that virus superspreader, the truck driver who failed to reveal he drove into Shepparton, would have been prevented from spreading the virus in two regional areas, had Victoria implemented the three-ring isolation strategy, used in most other states.

"This strategy immediately isolates contacts of close contacts to an infected person — to stop the spread instantly - three levels of protection.

"But late yesterday, Victorian Health authorities not only admitted that the strategy is not in place, but had it been, the truck driver would have isolated as soon as an employee at his son's workplace tested positive a day before he drove to regional Victoria."

Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng claimed health officials didn't have the power to use photo ID to confirm people's movements, but the department was subsequently forced to issue urgent clarification contact tracers did have that power.

Meanwhile, documents handed to the Coates Inquiry, contradicted Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton's evidence that he didn't know about security guards involved in hotel Quarantine.

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