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A Symphony Of Steam - The Greatest Sounding Steam Locomotives In The UK !

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In this video we take a look and listen to my best acoustical recordings which have been captured on video with the uninterrupted pure sound of steam engines at work. Every scene has been chosen carefully to showcase the sight and most importantly the 'Sound' of your favorite British locomotives, though three of our American guests feature at one point. This video is for the hardcore steam enthusiast or any lover of steam power and there are a few long intros in some of the scenes, this is so you can appreciate the sound of an incoming locomotive. In this video, you'll find no wind, no talking and no unwanted interference, just the pure acoustical bliss of steam locomotion with the added sounds of chirping birds. It's recommended to watch and listen via headphones or surround sound if these options are available to you. I hope you enjoy the compilation.

33 locomotives featured

60103 Flying Scotsman
60163 Tornado
60009 Union Of South Africa
6201 Princess Elizabeth
6233 Duchess Of Sutherland
46115 Scots Guardsman
46100 Royal Scot
45690 Leander
45699 Galatea
LMS 44871
LMS 45212
35028 Clan Line
34067 Tangmere
777 Sir Lamiel
70000 Britannia
70013 Oliver Cromwell
8F 48151
7029 Clun Castle
5043 Earl Of Mount Edgecumbe
4965 Rood Ashton Hall
6990 Witherslack Hall
7820 Dinmore Manor
7827 Lydham Manor
GWR Pannier 9600
GWR Hawksworth 9466
T9 Greyhound
L&Y 12322
Hughes Crab 13065
S160 2253
S160 6046
S160 5197
LNER 63395
LNER 61994

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