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A Game Of Among Us Ruined My Family

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Hi. I’m Dalia. My life was pretty much normal, until my family and I made the huge mistake of playing an among us game. It completely ruined my family, to the point where my mom and dad don’t speak to each other anymore. If you’re wondering how it came down to that, stay tuned until the end of the video.

Just like every other kid when among us boomed, I played it a ton with my friends. We’d have so much fun, and I really loved being the imposter and winning games. I was especially good at being a detective too, and my friends would always say I was so big brained whenever I cracked the case on who the imposter was.

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Naturally, I wanted my family to play with me too to see how they would do at the game. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this, but I have 7 other siblings. Crazy, right? There’s Dixie, Dario, Daisy, Dylan, Dipper, Deedee, and the youngest, Bob. Um, you’re probably wondering why everyone except Bob has a name starting with D, but supposedly my parents got so fed up by the time they had Bob that they just couldn’t be bothered to think of another name beginning with D.

Anyways, one day I asked my family to come play a game of among us together, and we all got ready in the living room. It was also perfect since there were 10 of us, so we could have a full game. We got our phones out, sat on the couch together, but positioned ourselves so we couldn’t see each other’s screens and cheat, and we also all wore earphones so no one could hear us doing our tasks or hear any of us kill someone either.

The first game was pretty funny. No one really knew how to play the game, so it was mostly just a bunch of us goofing around and having fun. But then, eventually, my family started to actually get good at the game, and we managed to have some pretty wild and intense games. Like one time, it came down to a 50/50 with three people left: myself, Dixie and Bob. Dixie was saying that Bob had killed in front of her, while Bob said Dixie had killed in front of him. I wasn’t sure who it was, but when I looked at Dixie I immediately knew it was her. Don’t tell her this - although if she sees this video she'll probably find out anyways (sorry Dixie!) - but Dixie has a tell whenever she lies: she always scratches at her earlobe, and she was doing it then. I voted off Dixie, and we won the game.

Then came another intense 1v2 game. I was the imposter this time, and I was trying to convince my mom that dad had killed someone. Dad tried to defend himself and say that it was actually me who had been killed, but then mom just suddenly voted for dad and the crewmates lost the game. I was happy since I had won as imposter, but then I froze, because suddenly mom and dad were arguing.

“You never trust me!” yelled Dad. He was red in the face.

“Of course I don’t trust you.” replied Mom quietly.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what it means.”

“Mom? Dad? Why are you fighting? It’s just a game of Among Us! Don’t take it seriously!”

“You made us lose the game.” Dad yelled at Mom again.

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