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6 Dancers Choreograph To The Same Song – Couples Edition II | STEEZY.CO

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This year for Valentine's Day, we asked another 3 couples to choreograph to the same song, "34 + 35" by Ariana Grande! ???? Wanna start dancing like this, right at home? → https://steezy.co/youtube

We’ve got double trouble this week with another special couples edition of “3 Choreographers, 1 Song”! ????????

You might recognize some of these dancers from other noteworthy crews and performances ????
Nicole Kirkland - Prince, Nicole Scherzinger, Iggy Azalea, Ne-Yo
Aryan Davenport - Nicki Minaj, Tank, Playboi Carti
Selene Haro - Choreo Cookies, Beyond Babel S1-3, Ethos, Building Block
Isidro Rafael - 220, Beyond Babel S2, Ethos, Building Block
Jonathan Sison - WOD Season 2, Todrick Hall, Kash Doll
Nathaniel Gonzaga - Amber Liu

As always, thanks for watching! Let us know in the comments who you wanna see next and we will try our best to make it happen! ????

And of course, be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can stay updated on all of our latest and greatest dance content! ????

With Love,

Nicole Kirkland @nicolekirkland
Aryan Davenport @aryandavenport
Selene Haro @seleneharo
Isidro Rafael @isidrorafae1
Jonathan Sison @jonathansison92
Nathaniel Gonzaga @nathaniel.gonzaga

0:00 - Introduction
0:42 - Nicole & Aryan's Interview
1:30 - Nicole & Aryan's Choreography
2:32 - Reactions to Nicole & Aryan's Choreography
3:39 - Isidro & Selene's Interview
4:40 - Isidro & Selene's Choreography
5:37 - Reactions to Isidro & Selene's Choreography
6:40 - Jonathan & Nathaniel's Interview
7:42 - Jonathan & Nathaniel's Choreography
8:49 - Reactions to Jonathan & Nathaniel's Choreography
10:01 - Outro


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