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10 Times Marvel Superhero Logic Made No Sense

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Marvel Superhero Logic Just Doesn’t Make Sense Sometimes
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Superhero comics and movies tend to have very similar tropes and they’re filled with instances of superhero logic that leave you either scratching your head or facepalming. I know, I know, you could pretty much nitpick anything in comics and say “that doesn’t make sense”, but there are some moments of Marvel superhero logic that we NEED to talk about. Of course, I don’t expect comics and superhero movies to ever be realistic, but when all laws of science and time are broken, eagled eyed fans take notice. I’m looking at your Captain America...and Ant-Man...and...yeah, there are a lot of instances to get into.

One of the most obvious things that stands out in the superhero world are the origin stories. Almost every villain has a tragic past that led them down the road to villainy and even our heroes have had some interesting pasts, but I find it funny how most superheroes get their powers through radiation. They fall into a bunch of radioactive goop and, voila, they could suddenly turn into a green rage monster who could perform incredible feats of strength. Sometimes, they even get bitten by something radioactive, such as a spider, and get all the abilities of a spider, like Spider-Man.

We’ll get into many more funny bits of superhero logic that you may not have noticed so enjoy the video, let us know what your favorite instance of superhero logic is in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Marvel videos.


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